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Embedded PC series CX5000

The CX5000 series devices are DIN rail-mountable, fanless Embedded PCs with direct connection for Beckhoff Bus Terminals or EtherCAT Terminals.
The housing concept of this series is optimised for sturdiness and compactness; the individual housing parts are made of metal (magnesium). Apart from the electrical advantages of better screening and ESD protection, the user also benefits from the weight-saving magnesium construction.
The I/O level can be implemented both with Bus Terminals and with EtherCAT Terminals. The connection of EtherCAT gives rise to many different extension options. Further master/slave fieldbus connections (PROFIBUS, CANopen, DeviceNet) or communication interfaces (RS232, RS422/RS485) and all other signal types accessible via EtherCAT can be directly connected as EtherCAT Terminals.
Two independent Gigabit Ethernet ports and four USB 2.0 interfaces are available. A Beckhoff Control Panel or a commercially available DVI monitor can be connected to the DVI-D interface. Unlike the other CX device families, the CX5000 series has no option for expansion using attachable expansion modules to the left. There is, however, a factory-fitted option slot in the basic housing. For example, a serial port (RS232/RS422/RS485) or a fieldbus connection with master or slave function can be added here as an optional interface as required. Particularly worth mentioning is the function as an EtherCAT slave, as a result of which the CX5000 becomes a programmable local controller within an EtherCAT network.
The operating system can be Windows Embedded CE 6 or Windows Embedded Standard 2009. An exchangeable, industrially-compatible Compact Flash card, which can be accessed behind a panel, is used as boot and storage medium. The Compact Flash card serves as a substitute for a hard disk; i.e. the operating system as well as TwinCAT and user projects are stored on it. This way, in the case of service, hardware can be exchanged quickly or a software update can be performed on site by simply exchanging the CF card. The built-in capacitive 1-second UPS ensures secure backup of persistent application data on the Compact Flash card. The date and time are buffered via a replaceable battery.
TwinCAT automation software transforms a CX5000 system into a powerful PLC and Motion Control system that can be operated with or without visualisation.
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